Solar System - Earth 3D Screensaver

Solar System - Earth 3D Screensaver

Try a new space screensaver, a real boon for astronomy lovers

Try a new space screensaver, a real boon for astronomy lovers. This is the best Earth 3D screensaver that you can find. Go into orbit and watch the Earth's globe revolving on its axis; see how the lights of major cities look from the space; admire the delicate swirls of clouds. t is difficult to put it in words". This view is impossible to describe - you'd better see it with your own eyes!Take a space trip and observe the beauty of planet Earth with "Solar System - Earth 3D Screensaver". You will be able to see the lights of big cities as our planet rotates. You can see the change from night to day as the Earth slowly revolves around the Sun, as well - with very realistic effects. Amazing lightning effects are achieved through the use of shaders. You can take a look at the lights of the major cities or shining stars. You can observe the smooth movement of the clouds as well.

The current version (1.3) is truly realistic. It has better lightning and animation effects because it uses new pixel shader technologies to produce them. Stars, the Earth and the sun look better, just like satellite pictures taken by NASA, plus the freezing bug has been fixed.

It is one of the best screensavers, according to popular software libraries. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy this beautiful 3D screensaver, because it requires a graphics card with 2.0 pixel shader support. But on the other hand, it is available for any Windows system.

Raul Iniguez
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  • Amazing graphics and animation
  • For all windows systems


  • Not available for Mac
  • Pixel shade support required
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